Nov 152013
Conceptual and multidisiplinary art ( Drawing - Painting - Performance - Film - Installation)

Installation Drawing by Ilker Cinarel – 2014

I work intuitively; responding to a site by performing my body for the camera, reinventing surfaces for video projection, re-appropriating objects to view into and negotiating space to walk through. I actively seek opportunities to hangout in the ‘unknown’ as a way to physically experience what it means to inhabit a body while living in the ‘present’.

Ilker Cinarel was born in Izmir, Turkey in 1974. After studying fine art at Marmara University Istanbul, Ilker moved to Britain in 2000 to work in the London fashion houses of Vivienne Westwood and Giorgio Armani. In 2009 he moved to Cornwall to study a Masters Degree in Fine Art Contemporary practice University Falmouth. Graduating in September 2011 Ilker was awarded a Distinction and was the winner of the Sandra Blow Award. A multidisciplinary artist, Ilker is now living and working in the UK, London, St. Ives and Istanbul. As a student Ilker’s work was selected for part of the 6th Istanbul Biennale –‘Passion and The New Wave’ and is in exhibitions both in the UK and internationally. Research projects have included an internship with Hoeschst and Retsch porcelain companies in Germany. Recent works are held in private collections.


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