BOY ROOM, Installation, 2017

When you have been growing up as an adolescent in a dysfunctional home, in which, no one understands your feelings and emotions. When you have never been free to speak or share your opinions about life. At that moment everything is falling into pieces. Pieces out of which you can make urgent responses.

Through fearful or traumatic times you cannot make anything. Other people’s powers dominate and control you. However there becomes that moment where you begin to feel that amazing journey begins inside you my dear Love.

I will start to open all spaces for you to make a body of work that can exist in your ideas of how home can be.

When I start to make work I start to use home-style magazines to respond to with the feelings that I felt as a boy. I begin with the desire to create the home I always wanted, where I could express my feelings.

This site-specific work, reflecting a time of melancholia is inspired by Picasso’s blue period, Yves Klein’s international Klein blue paintings and the colour of the ocean beyond the window.

I try to give a sense of the boy becoming free within an interior space. I use painting and collage to urgently respond to what I already know.