Lay Down Garments -2012
St Ives Festival 2012
Afternoon washing grew from the idea of being the nomadic traveler arriving in the historic harbour with my bundle, which played homage to my hometown of Torbali ( Torbali meaning a bag in English language). Primarily the work explores the notion of exposing moments of privacy in the public realm.
I was asking why I was doing such a thing? Was I looking for sort of public ‘coming out’ or just the opportunity to establish a presence?
The performance began when I opened my bundle to reveal it’s contents; Hangers, shaving gels, razor, shaving brush, several items of man clothing including socks, underwear, belt, banana, courgette and carrot.
The action involved taking out the clothes, hanging, gelling, brushing, shaving and washing them before laying them out on the ground, as if revealing my wares for public consumption.